AR Maneki Neko

Predict your fortune with cute virtual Japanese cat by AR Maneki Neko




Are you someone who endlessly worries about your future? Have you been spending your savings on tarot card readings to find out what lies ahead in life? Don’t you wish that you had access to a private fortuneteller without drilling a hole into your pockets? If you have been pondering upon any of the above-mentioned questions, it’s time to introduce you to the AR Maneki Neko app. This app has been designed to offer you every little solution for problems and keep your worries at bay.

The main aim of this app is to predict a person’s chances of his desires coming true. Although the app focuses on matters like health, fortune, or a god match, you can certainly expect to have some fun along the way. To make your experience more interesting, the AR Maneki Neko features Japanese cats that not only dance and jump, but also pose for pictures while performing O-mikuji fortune telling using real-world environments. You can simply open the boxes displayed on the screen through a single click to discover your own person fortune cat.

Designed for ARKit and support ARKit2, this high quality 3D uses lighting physics and real material values to precisely demonstrate how light interacts with a surface. The app comes with stunning visuals to lighten your mood while you are contemplating over serious matters in life. The jump and happy looking cats are designed to make the idea of fortune telling a fun concept. What more, you also have access to different cat themes like Friendship, Warding off Bad Spirits, Love, Successful Career, Academic Achievement and Good health. You can simply pick one according to your mood. The themes make it visually appealing for people of ages. 

Each day, your cat will give you magic coins, and your job is to collect them all. On days when you are feeling lucky, you can also redeem your coins to get O-mikuji random fortunes wishing the fortunes to be in your favour. You can also choose form a range of accessories that come with the app. The app also comes in different colors, styles and degrees of flamboyance. The most fun part about this app is that it allows you to share your photos with friends and family through different social networking sites.

The app can be used by just about anyone who wishes to have a great time while finding out what the future has in store for them. Right from teenagers to adults, this app comes across as a fascinating choice which can allow you to have a deep insight into the future while having some fun along the way. This app can be immensely addictive. Once you start using it, you will not be able to do without it. 

Get ready to collect your fortune coins every day and start exchanging them for more cats to complete your collection, and unlock accessories. Expect to be entertained while you keep getting glimpses of a hopeful future.

Released in 2018. Retired in 2022