If you liked playing fl0w, you’ll love freeesh!

Feed and protect your nucleus well, if you want to reach higher levels of evolution in this original, arcade type of game. Be careful to avoid the bigger and red molecules as you feed your nucleus smaller ones to thrive and survive. You’ve been given a small nucleus. It’s your job to feed, grow and protect the little fella, at all costs. Sounds easy but it’s not. You made it through the first evolution without incident but now that you’re in the second, danger lurks everywhere. You manage to avoid the bigger molecules but quick, hit the flash button! It’s the only thing that will protect your nucleus from the dreaded red molecules that are closing in to cause harm. self? freeesh gives you exciting gameplay with an original arcade feel. Think fl0w and you’ll get the idea. This really easy to use interface offers customized settings and 12 levels of play that increase in difficulty as you go. It’s going to take a concentrated effort on your part to feed that little nucleus and keep him safe, especially with bigger molecules and red molecules that want to eat him. If you’re really good at playing freeesh, you just might see your name and score on the global Leaderboard. You could even get an achievement award. While you’re having a blast playing freeesh, you can listen to the perfect background music to set the mood. The game features an original chilling soundtrack by Goldchimes that’s going help you become one with the game.

Check out the freeesh features that you get when you download the app:

  • User friendly, intuitive interface 
  • 12 levels with increasing challenges
  • Leaderboard and achievements with personal best times for each levels
  • Original chilling soundtrack by Alexel
  •  Free to play (Ad supported)

Available for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Google TV, FireTV, originally as 'homebrew' game for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)