Realtech VR: Pioneers in App and Game Development since 2008

For over a decade, Realtech VR has been at the forefront of app and game development, catering to the ever-evolving
needs of mobile device users. Our extensive industry expertise spans multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, Windows,
and more. We have a knack for crafting delightful, user-friendly games for casual gamers on the move and pushing
the boundaries with immersive 3D experiences for hardcore gaming enthusiasts.

Founded in 1994 as a humble demo maker group on the PC platform, Realtech VR has since expanded its portfolio to
include a range of beloved titles. From the celestial wonders of SkyORB Astronomy for Everyone to the technical
marvels of OpenGL Extensions Viewer and the adrenaline-pumping Kosmik Revenge, our creations have left their mark
on the gaming world.

Exciting news on the horizon: SKYORB ∞ is on the verge of its highly anticipated end-of-year release. Visit our
dedicated web page at to stay updated on all things SkyORB.

SkyORB ∞SkyORB Astronomy For EveryoneOpenGL Extensions Viewer